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NameTitleContact information
Julia CarboniProfessor
Director, Ruckelshaus Center

Research Interest:
Collaborative governance, networks, public/nonprofit management
The William D. Ruckelshaus Center
Cornell ClaytonProfessor
Director, Thomas S. Foley Institute
WSU Pre-Law Advisor

Research Interest:
American politics, constitutional law, judicial politics, political theory
Johnson Tower 818 or Bryan Hall 316
509-335-2427 or 509-335-4262
Richard ElgarAssistant Professor Career Track
Assistant Director, Thomas S. Foley Institute

Research Interest:
Latin American politics, gender, inequality, global politics
Bryan Hall 316
Cheryl EllenwoodAssistant Professor

Research Interest:
Equity in public organizations, minority-led organizations Indigenous-led organizations, indigenous data sovereignty

Johnson Tower 810
Henry EvansAssociate Professor Career Track
Associate Dean for Equity and Outreach

Research Interest:
Deliberative democracy, understanding the role of policy, political narratives in administrative decision making
Thompson Hall 309
Mark FagianoAssistant Professor Career Track

Research Interest:
Pragmatism, ethics, socio-political philosophy: democracy, philosophy of technology
Johnson Tower 826
Tricia GlazebrookProfessor

Research Interest:
Environmental philosophy: climate change & finance, women's farming in Africa, and ecofeminism, philosophy of science & technology, data ethics, policy & regulation, military ethics
Johnson Tower 718
Michael GoldsbyAssociate Director
Associate Professor
Director of Undergraduate Studies

Research Interest:
Philosophy of science (general, as well as biology, ecology, climate science and epidemiology), epistemology, environmental ethics/policy.
Johnson Tower 824
Season HoardAssociate Professor Career Track
Project Manager, DGSS

Research Interest:
Comparative public policy, gender and politics, applied research methods
Hulbert Hall 311F
Bill KabasencheProfessor Career Track

Research Interest:
Bioethics, ethics of health care professions, ethics of biotechnologies, research ethics
Johnson Tower 814
Claudia LeebAssociate Professor

Research Interest:
Contemporary political theory and philosophy, feminist political theory, Frankfurt school critical theory, psychoanalytic thought
VMMC 202F, WSU Vancouver
Jacob LewisAssistant Professor

Research Interest:
African politics, conflict processes, political psychology, comparative politics, international relations, antisemitism, conspiracy theories
Johnson Tower 808
Carolyn LongAssociate Professor

Research Interest:
American institutions, public law, American public policy
VMMC 102A, WSU Vancouver
Anthony C. LopezAssociate Professor

Research Interest:
Psychology of war, deterrence, leader-follower dynamics, violent extremism, hate
VMMC 202X, WSU Vancouver
Amy MazurProfessor

Research Interest:
Feminist comparative policy, French politics, comparative politics, public policy, methodology
Johnson Tower 822
Samantha NollAssociate Professor
Elma Ryan Bornander Honors Chair Professor

Research Interest:
Bioethics, food and agricultural ethics, social movements, social and political philosophy (focusing on Justice), ethics of biotechnology, environmental philosophy
Johnson Tower 825
Callie PhillipsAssistant Professor

Research Interest:
Linguistic and mental content theory, practical rationality, metaphysics, methodology, realism in metaphysics
Johnson Tower 823
Thomas PrestonProfessor

Research Interest:
International relations, security studies, foreign policy analysis, political psychology
Johnson Tower 813
Travis RidoutProfessor
Director of PPPA

Research Interest:
Political communication, campaigns and elections, political advertising, campaign finance, American politics
Johnson Tower 816
Michael Ritter
Assistant Professor Career Track

Research Interest:
American politics, public policy, election administration, voting and elections, American politics, comparative politics, methodology
Johnson Tower 815
Michael SalamoneAssociate Professor
Graduate Studies Director

Research Interest:
Public perceptions of courts, institutional legitimacy, American politics, judicial politics, research methods
Johnson Tower 812
Yvonne SherwoodAssistant Professor

Research Interest:
Indigenous feminisms, settler colonial analysis, socio-legal analysis, social Movements, critical pedagogy, feminist critical race and ethnicity
Johnson Tower 821
Steven StehrSam Reed Distinguished Professor in Civic Education and Public Civility

Research Interest:
Science policy, environmental policy, public policy, environmental policy, public administration
Johnson Tower 819
Mark StephanAssociate Professor

Research Interest:
Environmental governance, climate change policies
Matt StichterProfessor

Research Interest:Moral psychology, ethical theory, philosophy of expertise, virtue ethics, applied ethics, philosophy of law, political philosophy, epistemology
Johnson Tower 817
Paul ThiersAssociate Professor

Research Interest:
Global politics, public policy, public administration


Joe W. Huseby
Global Lecturer
Erin TomlinMock Trial Coach &

Emeritus Faculty

NameTitleContact information
Martha Cottam
Professor Emeritus
Dan Holbrook
Associate Professor Emeritus
Nicholas Lovrich
Regents Professor Emeritus
Michael Myers
Professor Emeritus
David Nice
Professor Emeritus
Harry Silverstein
Professor Emeritus


Debbie HestonFiscal SpecialistJohnson Tower 701
Diane ScottAcademic/Graduate Coordinator

Advisor for: Philosophy major, political science, philosophy, & ethics minors.
Johnson Tower 801
Brandy WiserFinance/Budget ManagerJohnson Tower 701
Teresa WoolvertonAcademic Coordinator

Advisor for: Political science majors
Johnson Tower 827