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School of Politics, Philosophy, and Public Affairs Minors


PPPA offers three different minors for undergraduate students.



The minor in ethics consists of 18 credit hours, of which at least 15 must be from ethics courses within the School of Politics, Philosophy, & Public Affairs, such as:

  • PHIL 103: Introduction to Ethics
  • PHIL 360: Business Ethics
  • PHIL 365: Biomedical Ethics
  • PHIL 370: Environmental Ethics
  • PHIL 460: Ethical Theory
  • PHIL 462: Women and Ethics
  • PHIL 470: Philosophy of Law
  • PHIL 472: Social and Political Philosophy

Three (3) credit hours may, with approval of the department, be from an ethics course in the student’s major or in another department.

Nine (9) of the 18 hours must, in accordance with university policies, be in upper-division course work.


The minor in philosophy consists of 18 hours, at least 9 of which must be in 300- and 400-level courses.

Courses are chosen by the student, in consultation with the school, but will normally include PHIL 101: Introduction to Philosophy. PHIL 201: Formal Logic, is required.

Political Science

The minor in political science requires 18 hours of course work, to include:

  • POL S 101: American National Government
  • POL S 102: Introduction to Comparative Politics
  • POL S 103: International Politics

The student must select an additional 9 hours of upper-division political science courses to complete 18 hours. Three (3) hours of POL S 497: Internship or POL S 499: Special Problems may be applied to the minor.

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Advising for PPPA Minors

Diane Scott
Academic Advisor
Johnson Tower 801
Phone: 509-335-2545