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Washington State University
School of Politics, Philosophy, and Public Affairs Meet our Faculty!

Samantha Noll

Assistant Professor of Bioethics

Office: Johnson Tower 825
Phone: 509-335-1415
Personal Website

Dr. Samantha Noll is an Assistant Professor in The School of Politics, Philosophy, and Public Affairs (PPPA) at Washington State University and is affiliated with the Functional Genomics Initiative. Her research contributes to the fields of bioethics (ethics of biotechnology), philosophy of food, and environmental philosophy. She publishes widely on topics such as how values impact food systems, food justice and food sovereignty movements, and the application of genomics technology.

• Ph.D. Philosophy, Michigan State University, 2016

Interdisciplinary Specializations:

1) Animal Studies
2) Gender, Justice, and Environmental Change

• B.A. Philosophy, West Chester University, 2008

• Introduction to Biomedical Ethics
• Philosophy in Food
• Environmental Ethics
• Animal Ethics

• LIFT Fellowship, WSU, 2018
• NEH Summer Institute, “Extending the Land Ethic: Current Humanities Voices and Sustainability” Participant, 2016
• The Vonne Lund Junior Researcher Prize, EURSAFE, 2013

Selected Publications:

Journal Articles:

Piso, Z., Werkheiser, I., Noll, S., and C. Leshko. “Sustainability of What? Recognizing the Diverse Values that Sustainable Agriculture Works to Sustain,” Environmental Values, 2016.

Noll, S. “History Lessons: What Urban Environmental Ethics Can Learn from Nineteenth Century Cities,” Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics Volume 28(1): 143-159, 2015.

Noll, S. “Liberalism and the Two Directions of the Local Food Movement,” Journal of
     Agricultural and Environmental Ethics 27(2): 211-224, 2014.

Noll, S. “Broiler Chickens and a Critique of the Epistemic Foundations of Selective Breeding and Genetic Modification,” Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics Volume 26(1), 2013: 273-280, 2013.

Noll, S. “Notes from the Underground: Observations of a First-Year Philosophy Graduate Student,” APA Feminism and Philosophy. Newsletter 11(2): 19-28, 2012.

Book Chapters:

Noll, S. “Food Sovereignty in the City: Challenging Historical Barriers to Food Justice” In Zach Piso and Ian Werkheiser (Eds), Food Justice in US and Global Contexts: Bringing Theory and
     Practice Together. New York: Springer Publishing, 2017.

Noll, S. and I. Werkheiser. “Local Food Movements: Differing Conceptions of Food, People, and Change.” In Ann Barnhill, Tyler Doggett, and Mark Budolfson (Eds.), Oxford Handbook of
     Food Ethics. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2017.

Noll, S. “Agricultural Sciences and Values.” In David Kaplan and Paul Thompson (Eds.), Encyclopedia of Food and Agriculture Ethics. New York: Springer Publishing, Forthcoming.

Murdock, E., and S. Noll. “Beyond Access: Integrating Food Security and Food Sovereignty Models for Justice.” In Helena Rocklinsberg and Per Sandin (Eds.), Know Your Food: Food
     Ethics and Innovation. Netherlands: Wageningen Academic Publishers.

Thompson, P., and S. Noll. “Agriculture Ethics.” In J. Britt. Holbrook and Carl Mitcham (Eds.), Ethics, Science, Technology, and Engineering: An International Resource, 2nd Edition (p.35-
42). Independence: Cengage Press.

Noll, S. “Agricultural Science.” In Mark Largent and Georgina Montgomery (Eds.), A Companion to the History of American Science. New York: Wiley-Blackwell.

Thompson P.B., and S. Noll. “Agricultural Ethics and Social Justice.” In N. Van Alfen (Eds.). Encyclopedia of Agriculture and Food Systems, Vol.1 (p.81-92). San Diego: Elsevier.

Beck, D., Ivanovic, M., Noll, S., and I. Werkheiser. “The Ethics of Consuming: Community, Agency, and Participation in Global Food Systems.” In Helena Rocklinsberg and Per Sandin
(Eds.), The Ethics of Consumption: The Citizen, The Market, and The Law (p.437-451)Netherlands: Wageningen Academic Publishers.