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Amy G.Mazur


Office: Johnson Tower 822
Phone: 335-4615

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Research Network on Gender, Politics, and the State (RNGS)

Gender Equality Policy in Practice Project  (GEPP)

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Amy G. Mazur is Claudius O. and Mary W. Johnson Distinguished Professor in Political Science at Washington State University, and Associate Researcher at the Centre d’Etudes Européennes at Sciences Po, Paris.  In 2020-2021, a Fellow-in-Residence at the Center for Interdisciplinary Research at Bielefeld University and a Visiting Professor at the University of Louvain, Institute of Political Science- Europe. Her research and teaching interests focus on comparative feminist policy issues with a particular emphasis on France. She is currently co convening, with Isabelle Engeli, the Gender Equality Policy in Practice Network (GEPP).  In the context of GEPP, she also co convenes the Equal Employment network and the French Team. She has been lead editor of French Politics (see link above) since summer 2019.

From 1995 to 2011, she was co convener, with Dorothy McBride, of the Research Network on Gender Politics and the State.  From 2006 to 2014 she was Co Editor of Political Research Quarterly, with Cornell Clayton. She is member of the editorial boards of Politics and Gender, Palgrave’s book series on Gender and Politics and Routledge’series on Comparative Gender Politics.  In 2015, she was a Fellow at the Birkbeck Institute for the Humanities, in 2009,  a Visiting Fellow at the Institute for Advanced Study and the University of Warwick, in 2007-08 and in Fall 2001 the Marie-Jahoda Professor of International Feminist Studies at Ruhr University, Bochum.  In 2005-06, she was an expert for the United Nations for the Expert Group Meeting on Equal Participation of Women and Men in Decision-making Processes and rapporteur of the final meeting report. She has also been consulted by the European Union, the World Bank and the Obama Administration. She has received research grants from the National Science Foundation, the European Science Foundation, the French Ministry of Social Affairs and the Norwegian National Science Foundation.  Within PPPA she is currently Director of Undergraduate Studies and Assessment coordinator.

New York University, M.A. 1986, Joint Ph.D., 1992 (Politics and French Studies).
Fondation Nationale des Sciences Politiques de Paris, 1986-87. Graduate work toward Ph.D..
Colby College, B.A., 1984.
Université de Caen, France, 1982-1983.

Research Interests
Comparative Feminist Policy; Women’s Policy Agencies/State Feminism; Feminist Policy Implementation; Methodology: Conceptualization and Mixed Methods, French Politics

POL S 102 Introduction to Comparative Politics
POL S 201 Political Science Research Methods
POL S 432 Comparative Public Policy
POL S 501 Scope of Political Science
POL S 503 Methodology
POL S 534 Comparative Politics
POL S 537 Comparative Gender and Politics

Washington State University, Faculty Woman of Distinction Award, 2017.
College of Arts and Sciences, Washington State University, Award for Outstanding Achievement in International Teaching, Research and Creative Activities. 2013-2014.
College of Liberal Arts, Washington State University, Excellence in Professional Service Award. Spring, 2011.
Outstanding Professional Achievement Award, Midwest Political Science Association, Women’s Caucus for Political Science, 2011.

Doctoral Students
Washington State University- Committee Chair:
Richard Elgar, Spring 2019. Current Position: Assistant Director, Foley Institute, WSU
Renée Edwards. 2015.  Current Position:  Researcher and qualitative team lead for the Education and Employment Research Center. Rutgers University.
Season Hoard. 2012. Current Position: Project Manager, DGSS and Assistant Clinical Professor – WSU.
Ingrid Bego, 2011. Current Position: Assistant Professor, Western Carolina University.
Wannapa Leeraisiri, 2004. Current Position: Assistant Professor, University of Chiang Mai, Thailand.
Janine Parry. 1999. Washington State University. Current Position: Full Professor, University of Arkansas.

Outside of WSU – Committee Member:
Emily St. Denny. Fall, 2016. Nottingham Trent University. Current Position: University of Stirling, UK.
Max Waltman. 2014. University of Stockholm. Current Position: Post-doctoral Researcher, Harvard University.
Rainbow Murray. 2008. Birkbeck College- London. Current Position: Professor of Politics, Queen Mary University of London. Research
Isabelle Engeli. 2007. University of Geneva.  Current Position: Reader, University of Bath.
Laure Bereni. 2007. EHSS-Paris. Current Position: Chargée de recherche, CNRS, Equipe PRO, Centre Maurice Halbwachs
Claudie Baudino. 2000. Université de Paris IX – Dauphine. Current Position: Chargée de Mission, French Ministry of Social Affairs.


Gender Equality and Policy Implementation in the Corporate World: Making Democracy Work in Business. Edited with Isabelle Engeli. Oxford University Press. Forthcoming, 2020.

The Oxford University Press Handbook on French Politics. Edited with Robert Elgie and Emiliano Grossman. 2016.

The Politics of State Feminism: Innovation in Comparative Research. With Dorothy McBride and the participation of Joni Lovenduski, Joyce Outshoorn, Birgit Sauer and Marila Guadagnini. Temple University Press. 2010. Chapter 10 translated into Croatian and published in Marjeta Šinko (ed.)  2015. Žene i politika:feministička politička znanost Zagreb: Biblioteka Politička misao.

Politics, Gender, and Concepts: Theory and Methodology. Edited with Gary Goertz. Cambridge University Press. 2008.

Theorizing Feminist Policy. London: Oxford University Press. 2002.

State Feminism, Women’s Movements, and Job Training: Making Democracies Work in the Global Economy. Edited. New York: Routledge. 2001.

Gender Bias and the State: Symbolic Reform at Work in Fifth Republic France. Pitt Series in Policy and Institutional Studies. Pittsburgh, PA: University of Pittsburgh Press. 1995.

Comparative State Feminism. Edited with Dorothy McBride Stetson. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage d by Emanuel Lombardo, Petra Meier and Mieke Verloo. Special Issue for Journal of Women, Politics and Policy. 2015.

Recent Refereed Journal Articles

Special Issue on Research Frontiers in Comparative Gender Equality Policy: Contributions from the Study of Equal Employment Policy Practice in France and Canada. Edited with Jacqueline Laufer and Frédérique Pigeyre. French Politics. September 2018. (Five articles). Read articles.

“Introduction.” With Jacqueline Laufer and Frédérique Pigeyre. In Special Issue on Research Frontiers in Comparative Gender Equality Policy: Contributions from the Study of Equal Employment Policy Practice in France and Canada. Edited with Jacqueline Laufer and Frédérique Pigeyre. French Politics. 2018 (16) 231-4.  Read article.

“Pathways to Concrete Outcomes in Equal Employment Policy Implementation in France and Canada: Toward Better Theory in Comparative Policy Studies.” With Jacqueline Laufer and Frédérique Pigeyre. In Special Issue on Research Frontiers in Comparative Gender Equality Policy: Contributions from the Study of Equal Employment Policy Practice in France and Canada. Edited with Jacqueline Laufer and Frédérique Pigeyre. French Politics. 2018 (16). 235-53. Read article.

“Taking Implementation Seriously in Assessing  Success: The Politics of Gender Policy In Practice” with Isabelle Engeli. European Journal of Gender and Politics. 1(1). 2018. 11-29. Read article.

“Does Feminist Policy Matter in Post Industrial Democracies?: A Proposed Analytical Roadmap”.In Policymaking: Insights and Challenges from Gender and Other Equality Perspectives. Edited by Emanuel Lombardo, Petra Meier and Mieke Verloo. Special Issue for Journal of Women, Politics and Policy. 2017. Read article.

Dialogue: New Directions on Studying Women’s Movements. Politics, Groups and Identities. 2016. 4 (4): 652-701. Central discussion article: “Comparative Strength of Women’s Movements Over-time: Conceptual, Empirical and Theoretical Innovations.”  With Dorothy McBride and Season Hoard (652-76) with response essays by Anne Costain, Amrita Basu, Aili Tripp, Erica Townsend-Bell and Silke Roth. Read article.

“Mainstreaming Gender in Comparative Policy Research Courses” The Case of POL S 432.” In Mainstreaming Gender in the Teaching and Learning of Politics. Edited by Brooke Ackerly and Liza Mügge. PS: Political Science. July. 2016. Read article.

“Les Mouvements Féministes et  L’Elaboration des Politiques Publiques dans une Perspective Comparative: Vers une Approche de Genre dans l’Etudes de la Démocratie.” Revue Française de Science Politique. 2009. 59 (2) 325-350. Read article.

“Gender and Public Policy in Europe.” A Special Issue of Comparative European Politics. Edited with Mark Pollock. 9 (1). April 2009.

“Comparative Gender and Policy Projects in Europe: Current Trends in Theory, Method and Research “Comparative European Politics.” 9 (1). April 2009. 12-36. Read article.

Government Reports 

Background Paper for WDR12 on Gender Machineries Worldwide. With Dorothy McBride. World Bank. March, 2011. Read article.

Presentation of Final Expert Group Meeting Report, Equal Participation of Women and Men in Decision-making Processes, with Particular Emphasis on Political Participation and Leadership. At the Fiftieth Session of the Commission on the Status of Women and NGO Consultation, United Nations. February 27th-29th, 2006. Read article.

Other Recent Publications

“Gender and Causal Concepts: Implications for Comparative Theory-Building.” With Niels Spierings.  In Critical Perspectives.  Politics and Gender. 2016. Read article.

“Gender Policy Studies: Distinct, Dynamic, and Making the Comparative Connection.” With Anne Revillard. In The Oxford University Press Handbook on French Politics. Edited by Robert Elgie, Emiliano Grossman and Amy G. Mazur. 2016. 556-582. Read article.

“Comparative Feminist Policy” In Encyclopedia of Public Administration and Public Policy. Rabin, ed. Marcel Dekker. 1-6. 2015. Read article.

“Gendering Comparative Policy Studies: Towards Better Science.”  With Season Hoard. In Comparative Policy Studies: Conceptual and Methodological Challenges.  Edited by Isabelle Engeli and Christine Rothmayr. London: Palgrave. 2014. 205-36. Read article.

“Women’s Policy Agencies and State Feminism.” Oxford University Press Handbook  on Gender and Politics.  With Dorothy McBride. 2013. 654-78. Read article.

“A Feminist Integrative and Empirical Approach in Political Science: Breaking Down the Glass Wall.”  Oxford University Press Handbook on Philosophy of Social Sciences. Edited by Harold Kincaid. 2012. 533-58. Read article.

“Integrating Two Cultures in Mixed Methods Research: A Tale of the State Feminism Project.”  With Dorothy McBride. Qualitative and Multi-Method Research: Newsletter of the APSA Organized Section for Qualitative and Multi-Method Research.  8(1). 2010. 35-40. Read article.

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