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School of Politics, Philosophy, and Public Affairs Meet our Faculty!

Season Hoard

Associate Professor Career Track

Office: Hulbert Hall 311F
Phone: 509-335-4093
Curriculum vitae

Season Hoard is an Associate Professor in the School of Politics, Philosophy and Public Affairs and Interim Associate Director of the Division of Governmental Studies (DGSS) and Services at Washington State University. Her work focuses on evaluating gender equality policy in Western postindustrial democracies. She also conducts policy and program evaluation for governmental and nongovernmental agencies across the United States (DGSS) and routinely hires students to help with these projects for applied research experience.

Ph.D. Washington State University, 2012, Political Science
M.A. Washington State University, 2009, Political Science
B.S. University of Nebraska at Kearney, 2005, Political Science

Research Interests:
Comparative Politics, Public Policy, Gender Equality Policy, Policy Evaluation, Research Methods

POL S 101 American National Government
POL S 102 Introduction to Comparative Politics
POL S 201 Research Methods
POL S 305 Gender and Politics
POL S 472 European Politics

• Hoard, S., Hubbard-Mattix, L. Mazur, A.G., & Noll, S. (2023). “Taking Feminism Seriously in Political Science: A Cross-Disciplinary Dialog.” In H. Kincaid & J. Van Bouwe (Eds), The Oxford Handbook of Political Science. Oxford University Press.
• Hoard, S. (2022). “Set to Fail? Scattered Regulation Leaves the Glass Ceiling ‘Unbroken’ in the USA.” In Gender Equality & Policy Implementation in the Corporate World: Making Democracy Work in Business, Engeli, I. & Mazur, A.G. (Eds). Oxford University Press.
• 2022 Anderson, B., Mueller, D.W., Hoard, S., Sanders, C.M., Rijkhoff, S.A.M. Social Science Applications in Sustainable Aviation Biofuels Research: Opportunities, Challenges, and Advancements. Frontiers in Energy Research. 9:771849. Doi:10.3389/fenrg.2021.771849
• 2021 Muriaas, R., Mazur, A.G., Hoard, S. Payments and penalties for democracy: Gendered electoral financing in action worldwide. American Political Science Review, 1-14.
• doi:10.1017/S0003055421000976
• 2020 Mueller, D. S. Hoard, Roemer, K., Sanders, C., Rijkhoff, S. Quantifying the community capitals framework: Strategic application of the community assets and attributes model. Community Development, 51:5,535-555, DOI: 10.1080/15575330.2020.1801785.
• Hoard, S. Gender Expertise in Public Policy: Toward a Theory of Policy Success. Palgrave Macmillan*, Basingstoke, United Kingdom.