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School of Politics, Philosophy, and Public Affairs BA: Political Science


Your Political Science Bachelor’s Degree


Political science students acquire a knowledge of political institutions and processes, public policies, political behavior, and have strong research and analytical skills that may provide foundations for careers in government service, public policy, regional planning, law, and politics.


Political Science focuses on the uses and consequences of public authority in the allocation of societal resources.

Faculty focus on problem-driven research that confronts both traditional and emerging challenges throughout the world.


The general option provides a varied and flexible program that includes American politics, comparative and international politics, policy and public administration, and a wide range of elective courses in political science.

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Global Politics

The global politics option emphasizes comparative and international politics and includes an “international experience,” which can be fulfilled through study abroad, an international internship, or a minor in a foreign language or global studies.


This option is designed to prepare students for law school and eventual careers in law. The curriculum reflects recommendations of the Association of American Law Schools.




Political Science Club

The Political Science Club is a non-partisan organization open to all Undergraduate and Graduate students of WSU. The purpose of the PSCWSU is to encourage political efficacy and participation amongst all students. The meetings are open to anyone with no major requirements and the goal is to facilitate conversations among students of all different backgrounds.

Political Science Honors Society

Pi Sigma Alpha is the National Political Science Honor Society, and it’s purpose is to recognize and promote high academic achievement in the field of political science. Political Science majors with a 3.0 GPA or higher can be invited to join, and membership is for life. Membership will allow you to take advantage of Chapter and National level funding, services and activities.

Your Political Science Advisor

Teresa Woolverton

Academic Advisor II
Johnson Tower 827

Teresa Woolverton advises undergraduate students for Political Science in the School of Politics, Philosophy & Public Affairs. Teresa’s goal is to provide excellent academic advising, assist you in your academic career, and to ensure persistence to graduation.

Appointments can be made through bookings using this link: Teresa Woolverton’s Outlook Calendar Watch your email for available drop-in times.


Teresa Woolverton.

Featured Faculty

Jacob Lewis

Dr. Jacob Lewis studies African politics, conflict processes, political psychology, comparative politics and international relations.

Dr. Lewis regularly teaches African Politics, Political Psychology, and International Politics.

Cheryl Ellenwood

Dr. Cheryl Ellenwood studies equity in public organizations, minority-led organizations Indigenous-led organizations, and indigenous data sovereignty.

Dr. Ellenwood regularly teaches Public Administration, Public Policy, and Indigenous Institutions and Governance.

Anthony Lopez.

Anthony Lopez

Dr. Anthony Lopez studies psychology of war, deterrence, leader-follower dynamics, violent extremism, and hate.

Dr. Lopez regularly teaches United States Foreign Relations, Political Psychology, and International Politics.

Travis Ridout

Dr. Travis Ridout studies Political communication, campaigns and elections, political advertising, campaign finance and American politics.

Dr. Ridout regularly teaches Media and Politics, Elections and Voting, and Political Behavior