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School of Politics, Philosophy, and Public Affairs Meet our Faculty!

Callie Phillips

Assistant Professor

Office: Johnson Tower 823
Curriculum vitae
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Dr. Callie Phillips is an Assistant Professor in The School of Politics, Philosophy, and Public Affairs (PPPA) at Washington State University. Her teaching and research interests are metaphysics, philosophy of mind, philosophy of language, practical reason and philosophy of technology.

Outside of work, she enjoys sewing, knitting, hiking, and reading science fiction.

• Ph.D. Philosophy, University of Notre Dame, 2019
• B.A. Philosophy, University of Kentucky, 2011

Currently Teaching
• Introduction to Philosophy
• Introduction to Critical Thinking & Writing
• Introduction to Formal Logic
• Metaphysics

Other Teaching Topics
• Philosophy of Language
• Philosophy of Mind
• Epistemology

“Common Ground and Charity in Conflict” Acta Analytica  – Forthcoming

“Dissenting Opinions: Peer Disagreement on Moral Matters .” Better Call Saul and Philosophy: I think therefore I scam. eds. Joshua Heter and Brett Coppenger

“Why is There Something Rather Than Nothing? The Substantively of the Question for Quantifier Pluralists.”  Erkenntnis. (February 2021)

“Why Future-bias Isn’t Rationally Evaluable,” Res Philosophica. 98 no. 4: 573-596