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Patricia GlazebrookAs Director of the School of Politics, Philosophy, and Public Affairs at Washington State University, I have the amazing privilege of working with world-leading scholars whose cutting-edge research addresses some of the most pressing political and philosophical issues of our time—climate change and environmental policy, bioethics, neurodiversity and health policy, national security and bioterrorism, political communication and advertising, global justice, women’s issues and rights across the globe… to name just a few!

Our teaching aims at current affairs to train the next generation of leaders. Our courses also reach across the curriculum and bring added value to degrees in other Colleges that keeps graduates one step ahead on the job market: we take students beyond technical expertise in other disciplines—whether business, engineering, or science, for example—so they can successfully situate themselves and their expertise in the societal context where we all live.

We have a long history—the first BA in Political Science was awarded in 1930—but also the freshness of becoming a School in 2011. We are poised to accept WSU’s Grand Challenges in health, sustainability, economic opportunity, smart systems and national security. Where else but Politics, Philosophy, and Public Affairs can you find the innovative, interdisciplinary vision to locate responses to these challenges at the intersection of governance, ethics and the public good?

I am honored to have the opportunity to serve in this School.

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Patricia Glazebrook