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School of Politics, Philosophy, and Public Affairs Meet our Faculty!

Mark Fagiano.Mark Fagiano

Assistant Professor

Office: Johnson Tower 826
Phone: 509-335-7997


Mark Fagiano is an assistant professor at Washington State University. His research gravitates around philosophical problems in the disciplines of ethics, social and political philosophy, and the philosophy of technology. As a pragmatist, Fagiano’s research is grounded in the revolutionary vision of William James (especially James’s theory of relations). His admiration of James and other pragmatists has directed him to reflect upon more pressing and threatening existential and social problems that are relevant to the pursuit of living a good life.

As a teacher of philosophy, Fagiano aims to help his students come to realize how philosophical reflection can assist them when making some of the most important decisions they will face during their lifetimes.

Research Interests
Pragmatism, Ethics, Socio-political Philosophy with a focus on Democracy, Philosophy of Technology

Recent publications

Practicing Empathy: Pragmatism and the Value of Relations (London: Bloomsbury Press, 2022).
Pragmatism about Race and the Future of Critical Race Theory—completed manuscript
Current Book Project: A Handbook for Practicing Democracy in Troubled Times

Essays and Journal Articles (recent):

2022. “The Problem of Free Will.” Journal of Speculative Philosophy 36.4
2021. “Relational Empathy.” Chapter for Special Issues into Books. Ed. Maria Baghramian.
2019. “What’s Wrong with Moral Principlism?” Syndicate, Wipf and Stock.
2019. “Relational Empathy as an Instrument of Democratic Hope-in-Action.” Journal of Speculative Philosophy 33.2
2019. “Relational Empathy.” International Journal of Philosophical Studies 27.2
2017. “Absolutism” in Sage Encyclopedia of Political Behavior. Ed. Fathali M. Moghaddam (London: 2017).
2016. “Pluralistic Conceptualizations of Empathy.” Journal Speculative Philosophy, 30.1: 27-44.


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