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School of Politics, Philosophy, and Public Affairs Inland Northwest Philosophy Conference

The Inland Northwest Philosophy Conference is sponsored jointly with the Department of Philosophy at the University of Idaho, 8 miles away. It is an annual topic-focused conference held in the spring and attracts leading philosophers from all over the world.

The conference is designed to encourage interdisciplinary cooperation and communication on philosophical topics that relate to research in a variety of domains.

Participants at previous INPCs include Laurence Bonjour, Robert Brandon, Nancy Cartwright, David Chalmers, Josh Cohen, Jules Coleman, Rob Cummins, Michael Devitt, Fred Dretske, John Earman, John Martin Fischer, Carl Ginet, Clark Glymour, Peter Godfrey-Smith, John Hawthorne, Ted Honderich, Robert Kane, Marc Lange, Keith Lehrer, Ernie Lepore, John Perry, John Pollock, Sahotra Sarkar, Jonathan Schaffer, Stephen Schiffer, Ted Sider, Brian Skyrms, Roy Sorensen, Ernest Sosa, Pat Suppes, Nathan Salmon, Kristen Schrader Frechette, Peter van Inwagen, and Howard Wettstein, to name a few. For complete lists, please consult the INPC website.

Special student sessions are held each year, giving students the opportunity to present their research to an audience that includes their peers as well as professional philosophers working on that topic.

Also held in conjunction with the conference is a public forum, aimed at making current philosophical thinking accessible to a broader university audience.