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School of Politics, Philosophy, and Public Affairs Political Science Honors Society Club

Founded, in 1939 by Charles O. Johnson our chapter has a total of 921 members – membership is for life. In Fall 2017, as the Director of Undergraduate Studies of the School of Politics, Philosophy and Public Affairs (PPPA), I re-launched our chapter.

Our first class was comprised of 23 majors who received their honor’s certificates and regalia at PPPA’s awards ceremony last April. We will be having a second convocation ceremony this April for our next class of society members at the School’s Awards event this April. We will be contacting all Political Science majors with a 3.0 GPA or higher this month to invite them to become members. Membership is $35 with the possibility of purchasing an honor chord and pin for a minimal additional amount.

Membership allows you to take advantage of Chapter and National level funding, services and activities- see below – and it looks great on your resumé. This year we received a Chapter Activity Grant from the National Honor Society ($1500) to fund the attendance of chapter members to the Conference on Initiative on Public Deliberation in late February at WSU-Vancouver (see below). Many thanks to Nicholas Lovrich (Political Science Emeritus) for his generous contribution to this effort ($500).

Faculty Advisor:

Amy Mazur
Johnson Tower 822


January, 2018

Washington State University