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Washington State University
School of Politics, Philosophy, and Public Affairs Participants


The RNGS group is comprised of conveners, active research members, directors, and associates. Five conveners coordinate RNGS activities. Research members have conducted the research using the RNGS project design and published on at least one issue area for one country (go to list of RNGS publications). Directors coordinate the five issue networks; country team directors coordinate research on issues among several research team members. Associates include a range of experts and policy practitioners interested in RNGS research and adjacent topics. They do not work directly on the RNGS research. Consultants consist of experts who have helped us with advice on the data construction phase of the project. This section presents the biographical sketches of the RNGS members and the list of associates and consultants. For specific RNGS publications by RNGS members go to RNGS Publications.