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School of Politics, Philosophy, and Public Affairs M.A. in Political Science, Certificate in Global Justice & Security Studies

This non-thesis, terminal degree is designed to provide students with a specialized qualification better suited for the pursuit of professional careers in federal, state, or local government.

The GJSS program targets students intending to pursue largely non-academic, governmental careers as practitioners, whether it be in the field of homeland security, law enforcement, not-for-profit organizations, NGOs, or as analysts within the U.S. intelligence or defense communities.

The master’s in GJSS is geared towards providing students with maximum of flexibility in constructing their specific areas of specialization, while at the same time providing the common elements needed for a coherent program of study.  Faculty work closely with students to tailor the GJSS program of study in order to best fit their own individual professional needs.


A minimum of 31 hours total credit is required, including:

  • At least 27 hours of graded course work, 18 of which must be at the 500-level.
  • At least 4 hours of POL S 702.
  • No more than 9 hours of non-graduate (400-level) graded course work.

Required Courses

  • POL S 531: International Security
  • POL S 424: U.S. National Security Policy
  • CRM J 505: Comparative Criminal Justice Systems
  • CRM J 572: Seminar in Comparative Policing
  • 15 hours of electives, selected from among the following courses or ones approved by director of the M.A. in GJSS program in consultation with student:
    • POL S 402, 427, 428, 429, 435,514,530,533a, 533b, 536, 540, 600
    • CRM J 530, 555, 570, 591, 592, 600


Graduate Coordinator:

Diane Scott
Johnson Tower 801
Phone: 509-335-2545

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