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School of Politics, Philosophy, and Public Affairs Ethics Bowl


Ethics Bowl team 2019: L to R Top Row – Dr. Michael Goldsby, Dr. Laci Hubbard-Mattix, Faith McDonald, Sydney Hardy, Zachary Plano, – Bottom Row – Chandler Nguyen, Reagan Kelley, Jillian Miesner, Liz Foster, Andrew Stewart, Maxwell Franz, William O’Connor

The Ethics Bowl is a regional and a national debate competition, organized by the Association for Practical and Professional Ethics (APPE). Each year the APPE distributes 15 cases in applied ethics: typical issues include healthcare (is there a right to healthcare?), environmental and animal concerns (do endangered species have rights?), and fair trade (should we avoid products from ”sweatshops?”). In short our teams work hard to prepare these cases for debates against other schools. Team members meet weekly in the fall to prepare for the regional tournament, held in November. Ethics Bowl is open to all undergraduates with an interest in applied ethics and improving their debating skills. Contact the faculty advisor for more information.



Faculty Advisor:

Dr. Michael Goldsby
Johnson Tower 824