nomTravis Ridout spoke at an “Ad Watch” workshop at Texas A&M University in October. Ridout’s talk centered on patterns of political advertising in the current presidential nomination race, and he speculated about how advertising in the 2016 presidential race may be different from 2008 and 2012. While in College Station, he also gave the Aggie Agora Marquee Lecture about issue overlap between candidates and interest groups in political advertising.
Ridout was also quoted in a recent article in US News and World Report about campaign advertising in the current presidential nomination campaign. Ridout said, “airing commercials this early is more about continuing a drumbeat of momentum than nailing down actual votes. It might be sort of a top-of-the-head thing so when the pollster calls it’s, ‘I remember that one guy on the air.’ It can help you in the polls temporarily, which can help with media and donors. It doesn’t mean they’re going to vote for you in February.” Read the US News Article.