arDr. Glazebrook gave a paper on November 3rd at the 31st Cultural Studies Dialogue: Knowledge, Expertise, and Wisdom in Vienna, Austria. The meeting was organized by the Centre of People-Oriented Leadership and Defence Policy at the National Defence Academy of Austria. Her paper was entitled ‘Wisdom and happiness: On Knowing Oneself,’ and presented an explication of Aristotle’s virtue ethics. Dr. Glazebrook argued that wisdom goes beyond expertise because wisdom is expert knowledge guided by virtue, i.e. understanding what the good is. So a technical expert can, for example, explain both a falling apple and a falling bomb, whereas a wise person can say what the difference is and why it matters. A virtuous person is accordingly is someone whose reason and desire guide them to the same action; e.g. someone who actually wants to stay home and study rather than hit the bar, shoot tequila, and play pool, because they know that studying will lead to a better outcome. Such a person, says Aristotle, will be happy.