Politics, Philosophy, and Public Affairs PortraitsOn October 1st, 2015, our Academic Advisor, Teresa Woolverton, celebrated her 30th Anniversary at WSU! Teresa’s WSU career began 1985 in the Housing Department. She discovered a passion for working with students in a number of different settings early on in her career. After gaining experience and education, she began her journey in the Office of Admissions in 1997, wearing many different hats throughout her time there. She knew being able to make a difference in an individual’s life is what would keep her motivated.

In 2007 Teresa began working in the College of Pharmacy. In her five years there, she gained some wonderful professional experience as an academic coordinator, working with student pharmacists and the nutrition and exercise physiology majors.
In November 2011, Teresa joined the staff in General Studies as an academic advisor and in May 2013, moved to the School of Politics, Philosophy and Public Affairs as an academic advisor in Political Science. Teresa provides students with rewarding advising experiences and helps to guide them through some of the most exciting years of their lives. In fact, one student shares her experiences working with Teresa. She writes,
“Teresa has been a saving grace. Her calm (yet sassy) demeanor has never failed to put me at ease or provide me with a smile. She has become so integral to my undergraduate career that I often visit her office for advice on my courses, my academic load, life after graduation, and how to manage the interpersonal connections that I have made at Washington State University. She has guided me through one of the most challenging and rewarding years of my academic career and I am awed by the support she provides.”

Thanks, Teresa, for all you do for us and our students!