21647362201_990c4fbbcc_oWSU has many recruitment events that are tailored for future students. As a new advisor, Program Coordinator, Kelly Demand has attended two of these events, Future Cougar Day and Fall Preview. First, she attended the Future Cougar Day academic fair which took place in September at Beasley Colosseum. Attended by many High school sophomores and juniors, this was an opportunity to share facts about our majors. Similar to Future Cougar Day, Fall Preview, held in October at the CUB, also housed an academic Fair. In both instances, Kelly was able to talk to students about their academic interests and how those interests were relevant to majors in the School of Politics, Philosophy and Public Affairs. These academic fairs are be important events, as students are given the opportunity to talk to Advisors, student ambassadors and faculty members. Pictured above, Kelly looks on as a student ambassador talks to a student about her pursuit of a global politics degree and how it will impact her future career goals. We can all agree that being a Coug is a unique and powerful experience. Often, the impact we have on students at these events can help determine if they will later enter our program to not only be a Coug, but even better, a PPPA Coug!