We take pride in the successes of our undergraduate students and their accomplishments after graduation. Two such graduates, Breanna Gocha and Nicole Smolinski, have both pursued their education since graduating with their BA’s and have gone on to have great experiences.
IMG_7922Breanna Gocha, a Philosophy major with minors in both French and Ethics, graduated in the winter of 2012. She went to pursue a Masters Degree in International Development at Richmond University in London, which she completed this September. While here, she travelled to Spain, Portugal, SwedeDSCF05181n (stayed at The Ice Hotel), Iceland, Mallorca, and Greece! Now she is in Olympia working for the Heath Care Authority. She is charged with increasing supplier diversity, and in particular with increasing the involvement of minority and women owned business with the Health Care Authority.
Nicole Smolinksi shares her endeavors since graduating first-hand. She writes:
“I graduated from WSU in Spring ’13 with 3 BA’s…Political Science, Philosophy and Asian Studies. I am currently pursuing a Masters in Southeast Asian Studies, focusing on gender and public policy, from the University of Michigan. I was awarded a Boren Fellowship for the 2015/16 academic year and enrolled in inCIMG3853tensive Thai language classes while also conducting field work in Chiang Mai, Thailand. My MA thesis will address how gender creates boundaries for female Burmese migrant workers as they navigate the visa obtainment processes in Thailand. My thesis aims to categorize ways in which female Burmese migrant workers interact and understand administrative bureaucracy, and the underlying policy decisions influencing implicit or explicit barriers. Furthermore, I explore how these understandings and boundaries negatively affect women’s access to obtaining migrant worker visas, as well as the health and human services provided with the visa.”