PPPA Faculty have a wide range of research and teaching interests, and these interests are often highlighted through their publications and achievements. Our faculty often facilitate in the planning of conferences that they attend.
Michael Goldsby is currently organizing the Inland Northwest PhilosAPA Pictureeeeeeeeeeeophy Conference (INPC) that will be held this coming April. This year’s topic is the philosophy of global climate change. Confirmed speakers include William McKibben (A leading environmental activist and author of The End of Nature), Stephen Gardiner (University of Washington) who authored A Perfect Moral Storm, and Andrew Light (George Mason University) who is part of the Paris climate talk’s negotiation team.
Dr. Goldsby’s participation in the implementation of the INPC is just one example of the outstanding faculty accomplishments that take place at PPPA. Others are highlighted through publication and conference presentations, to name a few.

Publications by PPPA Faculty:


Campbell, Joe. “Strawson’s Free Will Skepticism” accepted for publication in International Journal for the Study of Skepticism.
Campbell, Joe. “The Consequence Argument” completed and submitted for publication to the Routledge Companion to Free Will, edited by Meagan Griffith, Neil Levy, and Kevin Timpe.

Campbell, Joe. “Racial, Sexual Identities Aren’t Sudden Things” Moscow-Pullman Daily News.

Baker, Dana Lee., Audrey Anna Miller, and Todd Bratton. “E’s Are Good: Standards of Quality in Public Administration as Reflected in Discourse on Canadian Public Policy Design.” July, 2015. Teaching Public Administration.

Strach, Patricia, Katherine Zuber, Erika Franklin Fowler, Travis N. Ridout and Kathleen Searles. 2015. “In a Different Voice? Explaining the Use of Men and Women as Voiceover Announcers in Political Advertising.” Political Communication. 32(2): 183-205.

Ridout, Travis N., Michael M. Franz and Erika Franklin Fowler. 2015. “Sponsorship, Disclosure and Donors: Limiting the Impact of Outside Group Ads. Political Research Quarterly 68(1): 154-66.

Myers, Michael. “Monotheism, Nondualism and Henotheism: A Reply to Ramakrishna Puligandla” accepted for publication by Indian Philosophical Quarterly.

Lopez, Anthony C. “Evolution of War: Theory and Controversy” accepted for publication by International Theory
Goldsby, Michael., and William P. Kabasenche. “Uncertainty, Bias, and Equipoise: A New (Old) Approach to the Ethics of Clinical Research.” 2015 Theoretical and Applied Ethics.

Goldsby, Michael., and W. John Koolage. “Climate Modeling: Comments on Coincidence, Conspiracy, and Climate Change Denial,” Fall (2015) Environmental Philosophy.


Cottam, Martha., Beth Dietz-Uhler, Elena M. Mastors, & Thomas Preston. Introduction to Political Psychology. 3rd Edition, Routledge, 2015.

Cottam, Martha ., Joe Huseby, and Bruno Baltodano. Confronting al Qaeda: The Sunni Awakening and American Strategy in al Anbar, accepted for publication by Rowman-Littlefield.

Conference/Workshop Presentations:

American Political Science Association:

Michael M. Franz, Erika Franklin Fowler, Ken Goldstein and Travis N. Ridout. 2015. “The Long-Term and Geographically-Constrained Effects of Political Advertising on Political Polarization.”

Fowler, Erika Franklin, Michael M. Franz and Travis N. Ridout. 2015. “Interest Group Issue Strategies: Advertising in the 2014 Elections.”
Society for Military History:

Michael Myers. 2015 “The Thesis of Japan’s Inevitable Defeat: Tracing the Roots.”

NIMBioS Investigative Workshop: Evolution and Warfare:

Anthony C. Lopez 2015. “Immaterial Causes of War: A Taste for Revenge?”

Other Achievements:

Martha Cottam and WSU PhDs Martin Garcia (2008) and Bruno Baltodano (2015) conducted field research in Nicaragua in August 2015 on female revolutionaries.

Travis Ridout is serving as the chair of the Political Communication Section of the American Political Science Association.
Amy Mazur has been selected as the Claudius O. and Mary W. Johnson Distinguished Professor in Political Science 2015-18.

Joe Campbell signed a contract to edit the Blackwell Companion to Free Will, with contributions by Marilyn McCord Adams, Sara Bernstein, Laura Ekstrom, Brian Leftow, Al Mele, Shaun Nichols, Derk Pereboom, Saul Smilansky, Manuel Vargas, Kadri Vihvelin, and others.

Instructor, Rick Davis, will be presenting, “Force Relations in Physician-Assisted Suicide: An Intersection of Care and Medical Ethics,” co-authored with Orion Yoesle. Davis’s research interests include Political, Legal and Moral Philosophy, Issues in Constitutional Law, and the philosophies of John Dewey and Ludwig Wittgenstein.